Lions Fun Run Results – 2k Run, Walk, Toddle or Push
September 22nd 2019

1Bertie Ponsford8:58
2Jake Bigg9:06
3Daniel Drayton9:06
4Luke Drayton9:10
5Martin Drayton10:21
6Danny Wilson10:23
7Sebi Wilson 10:43
8Maisie Leith-Darling10:44
9Sidney Lovell10:49
10Tess Beatson11:04
11Eva Benson11:33
12Imogen Smart11:47
13Tess Bigg11:47
14Earl Evans12:15
15Seth Evans12:16
16Thiabault Defrance12:17
17Nathaniel Ware12:26
18Amelia Bosworth12:31
We apologise that we were unable to accurately attribute timings after this due to water damage of the place cards and scoring sheets due to the very poor weather conditions!